Hoteza HotSign

Hoteza HotSign key benefit is allowing any audio-visual information to be displayed in your public areas
in real time with little prior investment. All you need is a display screen with an HDMI or DVI socket.
A media player is supplied along with the software. Simply connect it to the display
and start working with your content

Download Hoteza HotSign Product Sheet (1,3Mb, pdf)
hoteza hotsign hoteza hotsign

Hoteza media player is a microcomputer responsible for transmitting images and full HD video.
The player connects to the cloud through an existing network and displays it on the screen via HDMI.
The content management system allows any number of screens to be managed irrespective of their locations.

hoteza hotsigns hoteza hotsigns
Weather forecast Show your care for customers:
provide them with an accurate
weather forecast.
Online airport display board Transmit an online local airport
display board with information
on flight departures and arrivals.
Business information Save customers time: transmit
schedules and business events,
directional arrows and signs.
hoteza hotsigns

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