Hoteza HSIA

Hoteza HSIA provides easy to use high-speed Internet access, which is available to residents and guests
of the hotel. All that is required is to enter the room number or access code provided at the front desk.
The user can select different rate plans depending on the required speed.

Download Hoteza HSIA Product Sheet (1,9Mb, pdf)
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Customers of bars and restaurants, who are currently not staying at the hotel, can also take advantage
of this service. Hoteza HSIA works with all hotel management systems, thus reducing costs associated
with purchasing new hardware.

Free internet that is limited in terms of speed.

The user can send and receive emails, browse the Web.
Available at additional cost,
but very fast Internet.

Users can view pictures and videos, use social networks and make voice or video calls via Skype, Viber etc.
Fast Internet with guaranteed fixed speed.

Regardless of the number of users in your network, users can download files, view HD-video and use such services as BitTorrent and others.
Brand support The welcome page can be branded
in accordance with the corporate style
of the hotel.
Networking with PMS The system works with all hotel management systems.
Secure access All information is transferred over
an encrypted network.
No configuration is required There is no need to set up guests’ devices.

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