Hoteza HotPad

A multilingual guest services application designed for a room-based tablet
and allowing guests to access and interact with the complete range of facilities
and services on offer at your hotel.

Download Hoteza Mobile Product Sheet (4.7Mb, pdf)
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Hoteza HotPad is beneficial to all: guests have a new and impressive experience staying
at a hotel, and the hotel gets a powerful tool for managing staff and communicating with guests.
Hoteza HotPad combines comprehensive up-to-date information with an impressive visual display.

Multiple platform Hoteza works both on tablets with iOS and Android operating systems.
Multi-lingual support Hoteza supports 68 world languages including even Hindi and Thai!
Multiple Integrations Possible to integrate with other systems within your hotel such as PMS, RMS, IPTV, POS and service monitoring systems.
Use of cloud technology Content and operations management is controlled through Hoteza’s cloud-based back-end, which allows content changes.
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Hoteza HotPad Hoteza HotPad Hoteza HotPad Hoteza HotPad
Personalized welcome message with automatic language identification
All information and services at a touch
In-room dining and other services
Integration with 3rd parties equipment
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Generate new revenue sources Advertising possibilities of Hoteza HotPad
allow you to increase sales of hotel services
and attract commercial partners for additional
Increase guest satisfaction from stay at hotel The application allows one to get in touch with
staff or even manage the hotel, notify of problems
and leave feedback, helping to resolve complex
situations or guest grievances efficiently.
Tourist information Detailed information and integration with
the interactive map service allow guests
to conveniently view bars, restaurants, clubs,
beaches, museums etc.
Order any hotel service Guests can order any service at one touch -
from taxis and room dinner service to an extra
tooth brush and towel.
Receive feedback The in-built survey system allows guests’
needs to be understood and analysed, raising
the quality of service.
Statistical information analysis Information on how quickly and effectively
guest requests are being handled, and allows
staff work to be monitored and optimized.
Fully integrated with PMS Automatic guests authorization by room number
and last name, viewing bill, receiving messages
from PMS. Access to interactive features of the app
is limited by guest stay period.
Minimizing waste Reduce loss by lowering costs on printing
promotion materials.
Room systems control Now the guest is able to control any room systems – lights, curtains or TV – with his in-room tablet, from any point of the room, thus bringing a wow-factor to stay experience.
World press reading All-you-can-read digital newspaper and magazine service that puts the entire world’s news at guest’s fingertips, with unlimited access to 5,000+ full-content titles from over 100 countries, the instant they’re published.

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