Hoteza CMS

Hoteza Management System is the software that manages the whole range of Hoteza products:
Hoteza Mobile, Hoteza TV, Hoteza HotSign, Hoteza Lobby. CMS has an intuitive and easy-to-use
interface and powerful communications management application based in the cloud.

hoteza cms

The system comprises a control panel, responsible for checking in and managing guests’ stays at a hotel,
communicating with guests using an in-built messenger and processing guest requests for different services
(restaurant and spa, in-room service).

hoteza cms

The permission management function also grants authorised managers separate access to the content
management system to enter current changes. Information is published online and can be published
from any device. The whole system is based on cloud technology, which allows
to manage content from anywhere in the world.

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tv hoteza

Hoteza TV

A set-top box free IPTV system that runs
on Smart TVs, fully compatible with
mobile applications.

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lobby hoteza

Hoteza Mobile

An application for smartphones and tablets
allowing your guests to use the hotel services
without having to call or ask reception.

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